Studio Del Sol  

                  ART   DONE 
             PASSIONATELY  !

Jon Brittingham
  The versatility of Jon Brittingham shines brightly in his capacity to create in multiple mediums of art. A visit to either of his open studios will enthuse, excite and entrance you prior to your departure. Jon retired from 35 years of commercial and home construction to pursue his life long passion for art.  
   Jon has always had a passion for art and was fortunate to study under the genius of Jack Rudfelt for four years. He attended Portland Art Museum’s private school in Southwest Portland on the GI Bill and studied sculpture under Manuel Izquierdo and oil’s under Opal La Baugh. The attention to detail is prominent in his work and seduces you back to the simpler things in life. Design, construction and production of his open studio space will give quite the insight to the creative mind of this talented artist.

Art Saves Lives!

 My work reflects both human and natural, cultures and behaviors !