Studio Del Sol  

                  ART   DONE 
             PASSIONATELY  !

​ Studio Del Sol is the  private studio of Jon Brittingham. It is closed to the public with access by appointment only. The studio consists of 4000 sq ft housed in the old Portland Woolen Mills building in St. Johns. 1500 sq-ft is currently under construction to accommodate a glass studio ready mid summer 2015 and the other 2500 sq-ft is a metal working studio.   
 The Glass studio will consist of several different sized kilns capable of delivering many processes and sizes both in slumped and fused glass with the added advantage of having in house capability to design build support for larger pieces of glass.
  The metal studio takes up the remaining  2500 sq-ft, the metal studio is fully functional and again capable of working from small to large scale. This studio works in mild steel and non- ferrous metals in both found objects and new recycled steel. The studio welcomes commissioned work depending on the artist work load. Studio Del Sol had its birth in 2004 in the belly of Eagle Street Automotive by the grace of my good friends Kenny and Ronny !  
                                                                                                                           Thanks you guys !
 Studio Del Sol Mission Statement !
    Studio Del Sol is here because as an artist i believe in our world there should exist a free flow of affordable  "original art " to all public and private spaces. 
   I believe in the power of art to ignite the imagination, stimulate thought and provide enjoyment. The art at Studio Del Sol strives to integrate art into the lives of people of all ages from every culture and economic background.
Art Saves Lives !
About Studio Del Sol !
Octopus  Mild steel  Salty's  Seattle, WA.
My studio has a personality of its own. It can be a monstrous clutter from one end to the other or, at times, the very model of simplicity.